A Wedding at Frankfort Congregational

When considering a wedding at Frankfort Congregational, it’s important for couples to remember that we are a Christian Church. We see a church wedding as a sacred event, keeping in mind the words found in Genesis, “Therefore a man shall leave his father and his mother and hold fast to his wife, and they shall become one flesh.” (Genesis 2:24) We expect that weddings held in our church will be sacred ceremonies, following the practices of our Christian heritage.

Our Facilities

The Sanctuary
The sanctuary is the upstairs of the church where our worship services are held. Approximately 125 people can fit comfortably in the sanctuary. Our church features an electronic organ that is available for weddings when played by qualified musicians. The sanctuary also features a piano that is available for weddings when played by qualified musicians. Frankfort Congregational is equipped with a sound system that includes up to eight wireless lapel microphones.

The Vestry
The downstairs of the church is known as the vestry. The vestry comfortably holds approximately 75 people. It’s equipped with a kitchen with three stoves, several sinks, refrigerators, and coffee makers that are all available for use when the vestry is rented.

There is a restroom located in the vestry of the church.

Pastor’s Office
The pastor’s office can also be utilized as a dressing room for the wedding party.

Reserving Your Date
It’s recommended that you reserve your date several months before your wedding. Part of the requirements of getting married in our church is meeting with the pastor several instances prior to your special day. Reserving your date months in advance will allow time for those meetings.

Planning Your Special Day

FOCCUS Pre-Marriage Inventory
Our church utilizes the FOCCUS Pre-Marriage Inventory, which is a 156-item questionnaire used by engaged couples with our pastor, who is a trained FOCCUS Facilitator. Taking the inventory results in a personalized FOCCUS© Couple Report that helps target discussion on topics important to marital success. While FOCCUS is not a test and is not used to label couples or predict marital outcome, the report is used by the Facilitator to help couples celebrate their relationship strengths and talk to each other about topics warranting further attention. FOCCUS assesses nineteen categories to help couples sort the challenges and strengths they are bringing into marriage.

The pastor of the Frankfort Congregational Church will be the officiant for a Christian wedding in the church. Weddings are conducted according to the traditions of the church and the laws of the State of Maine.

Pastor’s Requirements
Weddings do not fall under the normal day-to-day duties of the pastor. Therefore, a separate fee will be charged for his services. This fee is outlined under the “Fees” section below.

The pastor will meet with the couple, at least twice, to go over their FOCCUS Couples Report and plan their wedding. The pastor will work with the couple to develop a wedding ceremony that fits well with Christian tradition and the plans of the couple.

The pastor will meet with the wedding party once prior to the ceremony to rehearse the ceremony and its movements. The rehearsal is typically the afternoon or evening before the wedding.

Outside Officiants
Outside officiants (Ordained or Licensed Clergy) other than the pastor of the Frankfort Congregational Church may be approved by the pastor. However, the couple will still be expected to meet for counseling sessions with the pastor of the Frankfort Congregational Church.

Notary Publics or Justices of the Peace will never be allowed to solemnize marriages within the Frankfort Congregational Church.

Marriage License
Marriage licenses are issued at the town or city level. The couple must visit the town office in person to apply for the marriage license. You may want to check your town’s website for information.

If both of you are residents of the state of Maine, you should both apply at the town office where at least one of you is a resident. If you are residents of different Maine towns, you both may apply in one town or the other – you do not need to apply separately in each town.

If one is from out of state, then both of you should apply in the town where one holds residency.

If neither of you is a resident of Maine, then you may apply in any Maine town office. It need not be the same town where you plan to be married.

Your marriage license is valid for 90 days and can only be used within the State of Maine. There is no longer a waiting period from the time your marriage license is issued until your wedding can take place. The person performing the ceremony is responsible for filing the marriage certificate with the town office that issued the marriage license.


To obtain a marriage license:

  • Photo ID such as a driver’s license may be required.
  • If this is not the first marriage for one of you, bring a certified copy (raised seal) of the divorce from or death certificate of the last spouse.
  • Applicants must be over 18 years old. Written parental consent is required for an applicant under 18. Written parental consent and written consent of a judge are required for an applicant under 16.
  • No blood test is required.
  • You may want to check with the municipal clerk where you are filing before-hand to find out what that municipality’s policies are.


The fee to use the church for a wedding ceremony is $300.

This fee includes:

  • Use of the sanctuary and vestry for the wedding ceremony
  • Use of the building for the wedding rehearsal

Member’s Discount
Active members of the Frankfort Congregational Church will received a reduced rate of $150 for use of the church for a wedding ceremony.

Pastor’s Rates
A separate fee for the services of the pastor of the Frankfort Congregational Church in officiating a wedding at the church is $200. This fee is payable directly to the pastor. The fee includes:

  • Counseling sessions using the FOCCUS Pre-Marriage Inventory
  • Planning of the wedding ceremony (script and vows)
  • Wedding rehearsal
  • Wedding ceremony

Payment of Fees
All fees are to be paid at least one week prior to the wedding date.