There are two types of membership in the Frankfort Congregational Church: Covenant and Parish.

Parish Membership

Parish members are those who contribute and/or participate regularly in the support of the church.

Covenant Membership

Covenant members of this church are individuals who have been received by vote of the church and publicly accepted our covenant. Candidates for covenant membership will meet with the pastor for a period of instruction on polity, doctrine, stewardship, and structure.

Covenant members are presented to the church:

  • On presentation of satisfactory letters of transfer from other churches; or
  • If letters are not available, by reaffirmation of faith on recommendation of the diaconate; or
  • On confession of faith and baptism (if not previously baptized or exempted because of conviction); or
  • On recommendation of the diaconate when external baptism is waived because of conviction.

Those recommended by the pastor and/or the diaconate shall be received at a communion service or at some other time as ordered by the Board of Deacons. Any who are unable to attend in public, after approval by the church, may be received by the diaconate acting on behalf of the church.

Termination of Membership
Any member in good and regular standing who desires a letter of dismissal and recommendation to another church, upon request is entitled to receive it. This letter shall be valid as a recommendation for one (1) year only from its date, unless renewed; and this restriction shall be stated in the letter. The right to vote shall be suspended and membership shall terminate from and upon the notice of acceptance into another church. Letters addressed to churches in general shall not be granted.

If, because of faith or for other reasons not involving unchristian conduct, a member in regular standing requests in writing to be released from one’s covenant obligations, the church shall patiently endeavor to secure one’s confidence in its fellowship; failing in such effort, the church shall place the member on an inactive list.

Members whose address have long been unknown or who for a period of two years, in spite of kindly approaches, have not communicated with the church or contributed to its support may, by vote of the church, be transferred to an inactive list. From date of such transfer, such persons shall cease to be reported on the active membership roll.

Restoration to Membership
Any person whose membership has been inactivated may be restored by affirmation of the church.

Covenant Member Application